Before you can decide WHAT your ads are going to say or WHERE they should run, you first need to understand WHO you’re talking to.

It all starts with your WHO… that 3-dimensional picture of your Avatar, so you can get:

  • The Right Channel Strategy
  • The Right Ad Creative
  • The Right Targeting Strategy

Defining Your Avatar

  • There is a 3-Part Process for defining your Avatar:
  1. Research
    • I’ll uncover the language, habits and behaviors of your Avatar through deep market research.
  2. Understand
    • I’ll transform this Research into understanding and empathy.
  3. Find
    • I’ll find more places your Avatar is hanging out and more ways to Research, Understand and Target them.

The Right Channel Strategy:

The strategy I’ll employ is called the Tactical Traffic Path. It involves primarily using Facebook, Google, and Youtube. Here is a birds-eye view of the strategy:

  • Start
    • I’ll run ads on Facebook until you get 100 leads.
  • Retarget
    • I’ll retarget those leads on Facebook, Google Display Network (GDN), and Youtube.
    • I’ll continue retargeting until you reach 10,000 leads and $10,000 in revenue from the quiz funnel. 
  • Expand
    • I’ll advertise your quiz funnel on the GDN and Youtube in addition to Facebook.
    • I’ll continue doing this until you reach $100,000 in revenue from the quiz funnel.

The Right Ad Creative:

  • Brainstorm
    • Using the market research previously completed, I’ll identify 4 primary problems your market is facing. 
    • I’ll create your core ad content for ad # 1 based on problem # 1, and so forth for each of the 4 problems.
  • Enhance 
    • I’ll enhance the core ad content with a special set of ad ingredients. 
  • Construct
    • I’ll use the core ad content to construct ad copy for 4 different ads using a proven framework. 
    • I’ll do some image spying on other ads to get some ideas. 
    • I’ll create scroll-stopping images for your ads. 
    • I’ll help you create video ads containing the same content as the written ads. 

The Right Targeting Strategy:

  • Facebook:
    • I’ll run your 4 ads to 2 to 4 different audiences that I will target based on certain Demographics, Connections, Interests, and Behaviors. 
    • Once you reach 100 leads on Facebook, I’ll begin creating Lookalike audiences based on people who’ve engaged with your funnel in one way or another. 
    • I’ll test these various ads and audiences to determine which combination of ad + creative + audience performs best. The lowest performing ads will be turned off, and the best performing ads will be kept on. 
  • Retargeting: 
    • I’ll determine the destination where I want to send people with the retargeting ads. 
    • I’ll create a hook/headline for the retargeting ads. 
    • I’ll use the earlier Brainstorm content to create core ad content for the retargeting ads. 
    • I’ll construct the retargeting ad following a proven ad construction checklist.  
  • GDN and Youtube:
    • I’ll do keyword research. 
    • I’ll make a list of popular websites and apps and Youtube channels and videos.
    • Using that homework, I’ll use the same copy from the Facebook ads to create GDN and Youtube ads that target specific audiences.