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Lead-Generating Quizzes

Done-For-You Marketing Quizzes That Generate Leads And Turn Them Into Customers

  • Cut Traffic Costs
  • Get Valuable Data
  • Grow Your List
  • Get Results Fast
  • Better Sale and Better Serve

Tiny Email List?

An email list is the lifeblood of any company. Without a list, your business will never generate the sales it should. The best way to grow your list (and your income) is with a lead-generating quiz.

The Quiz Solution

Cheap Leads

Cut traffic costs and generate leads at as little as 1/3 to 1/10 the cost of other lead magnets. 

Valuable Data

He who has the most data wins. Get valuable data about your market shared with you by your market. 

Bigger List

Quiz data enables you to customize your messaging, marketing, & followup to improve conversion by 2-3x.

Fast Results

No need for multiple funnels, endless content, or slow organic list building. Quizzes work fast!

Better Serve

Deliver the perfect fit product, content, and offer in a permission-based world. You AND your customer win. 

Meet Adam

Adam was where you are, constantly struggling to find new leads, until he he discovered the power of lead-generating Quizzes.

A Quiz Funnel Masterclass Graduate and StoryBrand Certified Guide since 2018, Adam uses Quizzes to grow his clients’ email lists by as much as 23,000% from cold Facebook traffic. Submit an application today to see if your business is the right fit!

Thrive Quiz Examples

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…my subscriber rate increased an INCREDIBLE 23,000%.

I’ve been working several years to build my email list without much success. Then Adam built a quiz funnel for me and in less that six weeks my subscriber rate increased an INCREDIBLE 23,000%. YES, you read that right, 23000%. I am so grateful and I cannot thank you enough, Adam!

Susan Malik

It’s a powerful lead generator that I’m proud of!

My list has grown a ton from the quiz Adam built for my business, and all from cold Facebook traffic! The people who take it love it. It helps them to know the next step that’s right for them and it piques their curiosity and interest in my offer. Adam is devoted to tweaking every detail so that my quiz is now finely tuned. It’s a powerful lead generator that I’m proud of!

David Roberts

Thrive Quiz Packages

$2,997 Plus $45/mo for Hosting

No-frills Quiz with a proven hook and a compelling offer

  • Quiz Hook Split Test

    Discover which Quiz hook your audience responds to before we create your Quiz.

  • Quiz Hosting

    12 months of fast, secure hosting for your Quiz

  • 3-5 Quiz Buckets

    I’ll help you come up with 3-5 buckets or outcomes that your Quiz participants will land in, along with compelling names and professional graphics for each bucket. 

  • Quiz Question Outcome Mapping

    You and I will come up with 5-12 questions for your Quiz and a strategy to map them to the right buckets.

  • 3-5 Quiz Outcome Pages

    An Outcome Page is a bucket-specific page someone lands on after they finish answering the Quiz questions. Its purpose is to reveal the Quiz result and pivot to your offer.

  • 3-5 Welcome Emails

    Send your Quiz takers a custom Welcome Email automatically after they take your Quiz. There will be 3-5 Welcome Emails, depending on what bucket someone lands in. 

$4,997 Plus $45/mo for Hosting

Robust Quiz with every best practice implemented

  • Everything in BASIC plus:
  • Quiz Landing Page

    I will write and design a stunning quiz landing page to your approval. This page will position you as the guide to your client and will frame the quiz in an enticing way that moves people forward to start the quiz.

  • Website Popup

    I’ll create a professional popup to display on your website so you can advertise your quiz to your site’s visitors. This way you can capture more leads that convert to clients on the back of your quiz.

  • 3-5 Outcome Video Scripts

    Each Outcome Page will include an Outcome Video, in which you will explain the participants’ Quiz results and what they can do with that information.  I’ll write the scripts for 3-5 Outcome Videos to your approval. 

  • Outcome Video Editing

    You’ll record a master video using the scripts I write for you, then I’ll edit the video to create 3-5 Outcome Videos com[plete with graphics and background music. 

  • 3-5 Result Reports

    Deliver a beautifully designed Results Report PDF explaining your quiz participants’ custom results. I’ll write and design 3-5 Result Report PDFs to your approval.

$9,997Plus $45/mo for Hosting

Conversion-focused Quiz that serves as a full sales funnel

  • Everything in PRO plus:
  • Welcome Ad Copy & Creative

    Conversion-centered copy and image for 1 welcome ad to be used on the platform of your choice.

  • 4-Part Sales Email Sequence

    Follow up with your webinar participants using a highly effective 4-part email sequence designed to motivate people to take action quickly on your enticing offer… and without being “salesy.” 

  • Edits & Optimization (12 mo)

    I will make constant improvements to your quiz over a period of 12 months to ensure it delivers maximum results.

  • Quiz Analytics (12 mo)

    Receive a weekly Quiz Analytics Report showing you how your Quiz is performing, who your newest leads are, and multiple data points on those leads. 

The Thrive Quiz Difference

 An email list is the lifeblood of any company and the key to consistent sales. Do you have one? If so, is it growing?

If not, your business will never reach its potential and may never grow at all. You’ll continue wasting time and money trying everything under the sun to find more customers.

Adam was where you are, constantly struggling to find new leads, until he he discovered the power of lead-generating Quizzes.

Get Started Today

1. Submit An Application

Answer a few questions about your business so Adam can see if it’s a good fit. The application is completely risk-free.

2. Book A Discovery Session

You’ll be invited to book a Zoom call with Adam to find out more about Quizzes and get your questions answered. 

3. Begin Your Quiz Project

If you’re accepted, you’ll be invited to become one of Adam’s personal Quiz clients so you can grow your list exponentially. 

Discover What’s Wrong With Your Marketing.

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